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In her books, lectures and readings Doerthe Huth gives valuable impulses for self-coaching around the topic of inner sources of power, conscious living and working – for inner peace and outer serenity.

Since the year 2001 Doerthe is an active writer, counselor and coach. She was Born in Germany and studied German, Psychology and Computerlinguistics at University and is a neuropath of psychotherapy. During the time she wrote over ten books and countless articles for journals, internet portals, literary magazines and anthologies.

With her methods she facilitates the access to the joy of life and the resolution of personal conflicts; she gives food for thoughts and impulses for change. She does not tell the audience, what to do, but askes questions, changes perspectives, and motivattes people to develop solutions for problems. Because: Solutions sometimes show up where we do not suspect them.

Why you should get to know the books of Doerthe Huth:

• You become more attentive to the beautiful moments of life

• You make your head clearer for the essentials

• You get to know yourself and others better

• You expand your scope of action

• You gain self-confidence and act more souvereign in conflicts

Doerthe is proficient in German and Englisch. She looks forward to invitations of unversities, companies, bookstores, libraries, galleries and clinics …

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