Wellbeing at work

Good mood on every day

We spend a large part of our lives working. And that’s a good thing, because work is not just about acquiring and securing our basic needs. In addition, work creates meaning and identity and thus creates satisfaction and balance. But often deadline pressure, high demands, conflicts with colleagues or customers, and last but not least, the expectations and demands we place on ourselves, cause stress and in the worst case even make us ill. Often we go to work on Monday in a bad mood and long for the weekend. How do we escape this vicious circle? Dörthe Huth shows you in this book how you can maintain or regain your good mood in your daily work. In addition to inspiring sample stories, it provides you with all kinds of knowledge and concrete tools for a good atmosphere in the workplace, which will help you to master your daily work with joy and ease. All you need is a little courage to try out small changes, and in this way to determine how you feel. With the tips and exercises from this book you do not need to wait for the weekend!

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Dörthe Huth: Gute Laune an jedem Arbeitstag. GABAL Verlag 2018.


Gute Laune an jedem Arbeitstag
von Dörthe Huth

GABAL Verlag 2018

ISBN: 978-3-86936-875-7
240 Seiten

€ 15,00 (D) | € 15,50 (A)



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